How To Give

For over a decade FACES Foundation has been delivering the highest quality comprehensive cleft care around the world. We believe that everyone, no matter their financial circumstance or physical location, deserves the best medical care available. With your help, we can continue to provide free cleft lip and palate surgeries for these children.

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FACES Foundation Benefactors

Donors whose contributions exceed $1 million.

Platinum: Machu Pichu – $50,000-$25,000

  • Qualcomm Corporation

Diamond: Huascaran Sur – $24,999-$10,000

  • Kaiser Permanente NW
  • Scanlan International Inc.

Gold: Huascaran Sur – $9,999-$5,000

  • Dr. Tom and Kathy Albert

Silver: Yerupaja – $4,999-$1,000

  • Dr. Emmanuel Cassimatis
  • Dr. Sharon Higgins
  • Mike Fossey and Tami Rockholt
  • Larry Wobbrock
  • Mary Alexander
  • Integra Foundation

Bronze: Coropuna – $999-$500

  • Terry Schandel and Jan Bowersock

Friends of FACES – $499-100

  • Dr. Harry and Mei Ling Schwartz
  • Louise Zimmer and Walt Allen
  • Glennda and Jerry Cox
  • Marci Clark and James Bartroff
  • Helen Lindgren
  • Tian Xia
  • Dr. Bruce and Mady Donoff
  • Barbara Colleran
  • Nancy Fuller
  • Colin and Linda Lamb
  • Cindy Quale
  • Gwen White and Jim Arnoux
  • Tim Gourley
  • Dr. Roger and Chris Wooley
  • Erika and Matthew Tsugawa
  • Gregory Howe
  • Dr. Mark and Roberta Wax
  • Dr. Dana and Molly Smith
  • Doris and John Platt
  • Gay and Garth Smith
  • Matt and Irmy Olson
  • Christine Choo
  • Gary Sheldon
  • Steve and Dona Melrose
  • Sam Olson
  • Debra Meadow