FACES Surgical Campaign 2022 to Chiclayo, Peru

Our first FACES trip back to Peru since January 2020 – the onset of the pandemic – took place in June of this year.

We provided help to many families who have been waiting years for their children to take that next step towards a whole smile.

We are grateful to our amazing team of volunteers – and to our allies and partners in Lambayeque and Chiclayo. We took these first steps together, learned much along the way, and are better prepared for future campaigns.


Our Team

As a team of healthcare professionals and humanitarians, here are some highlights of what we accomplished on this return to Peru:

We performed surgeries for 16 children
We presented a cleft workshop by invitation of the Ministry of Health with 70 healthcare / social workers in attendance
We delivered 53 speech therapy sessions and 16 post-surgical parent education sessions
We established a new partnership with healthcare professionals at Las Mercedes Hospital
We renewed a 12 year partnership with the Lions Clubs of Lambayeque