Pre-Op Trip Day 1: Lambayeque Screening Clinic

Buenos noches from Peru! We are currently in Lambayeque, conducting screening activities for our upcoming January 2012 surgical trip. Three members of the FACES team are currently in-country: Dr. Thomas Albert, FACES Foundation President and Founder, Dr. Jerome List, ENT surgeon and FACES board member, and Leah Olson, here to document the entire trip.

After a six hour layover in the Lima International Airport, we jumped on a plane for Chiclayo, a large coastal city north of the capital. The FACES Peruvian Patient Coordinator, Delia Delgado, met us at the airport and swept us off to the screening clinic, where Dr. Albert and Dr. List immediately started seeing cleft lip and palate patients. The screening clinic, held at the Lambayeque Lions’ Club office, was a whirlwind of activity. Patients were already lined up outside the Lions’ Club office with their families, waiting for the doctors to see them.

The screenings performed by Dr. Albert and Dr. List to figure out which patients would qualify for free FACES cleft lip and palate surgeries on the upcoming January 2012 surgical trip. After over five hours of straight patient screenings, the doctors had screened 35 patients, some new and some returning FACES patients, and decided that at least 25 of those seen were likely candidates for surgery.

FACES would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Lion’s Club of Lambayeque for all their incredible support in helping find new surgical patient candidates. It is thanks to this important partnership that FACES is able to do much, much more than we ever could alone. In addition to their wonderful help and support of our surgical efforts, their hospitality and warmth to us here in Peru is extraordinary.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to the village of Olmos, which is a two hour drive from Lambayeque, our base for now. In the village of Olmos we’ll be screening another 13 patients who are potential surgical candidates. We’re looking forward to the new adventures that tomorrow will bring – Stay tuned for more!

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