Surgical Trip Updates + Photo Albums

Buenos noches from Lambayeque! Read below to see the updates our newsletter subscribers received today (also, if you haven’t already subscribed, make sure to sign up here):

“The FACES International Cleft Team has been hard at work here in Lambayeque, Peru. Currently the team is mid-way through their fourth day of surgeries and have completed 21 cleft lip and palate procedures. The FACES team, made up of 23 members (meet them all here ), is on a week long trip to northern Peru to operate on and correct cleft lip and palate deformities, as well as perform speech therapy consultations. Thus far, the trip has been going extremely well and all surgical procedures have been completed succesfully. The FACES team continues to work closely with their local partners including Belen Hospital where they work from in Peru and the Lambayeque Lions Club, who help identify, transport and feed patients and families while at the hospital.

The team has been having a great time working together and with the Belen Hospital staff. In addition to surgeries, the FACES speech therapists continue to perform speech consultations and evaluations. “I’ve been very happy with how the trip has been organized. We’ve been able to see patients when we needed to and see patients on time,” said FACES Speech Therapist Lance Tsugawa, who also speaks fluent Spanish. “I’ve also enjoyed interpreting for the rest of the staff. This year we have enough interpreters so we can meet everyone’s needs.”

From left: Dr. Kristina Ruybalid, Dr. Gerald Tanner, Dr. Tom Wang and Dr. Adam Terella in the operating room.

The team is looking forward to another day-and-a-half of surgeries at the hospital. On Friday night the whole team, along with partners from the Lions Club and Hospital Belen, will get together for a celebratory banquet.”

Also, we’ve been busy documenting this whole experience with photos, videos and stories. Make sure to check out some of our recent photos and albums here:

Journey to Peru
FACES Surgical Trip Days 1+2
Rounds and Pre-Op (Day 3)
FACES Surgical Trip Day 4

Dr. Tom Albert, FACES Founder and President, with Cecilia, President of the Lambayeque Lions Club.

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