Updates from FACES July 2012 Trip to Peru

It’s been an incredible trip for the FACES team in Lambayeque, Peru. The purpose of this week was to meet with local officials and leaders from Belen Hospital, the Lambayeque Lions Club and the regional government to cement long-term relationships and projects that will benefit the indigent populations from all of northern Peru. The FACES team, made up of Dr. Tom Albert (President), Leah Olson (Executive Director) and Delia Delgado (Peru Coordinator), has met with numerous groups and conducted multiple brainstorming sessions on how to help the FACES programs grow to new heights. Here is a run down of our recent activity:

We’ve been working very closely with the Lambayeque Lions Club, a group of women who have been instrumental in helping make the FACES surgical trips and follow-up care a success. We are very excited to continue and build this partnership.

We toured the new pediatric wing at Belen Hospital, including the new neonatal ward, which has greatly increased its capacity for caring for newborn and premature babies.

We’ve met some of our patients from previous campaigns. Above, Dr. Albert visits with Chalon and her mother, Yovanna. Chalon received cleft lip surgery from the team in January, 2012, and will receive cleft palate surgery in January 2013.

We’ve been working with local partners from Belen Hospital. Above, Dr. Albert and Dr. Chira, a gastroenterologist from Belen Hospital who also has a private clinic in his home. FACES and Dr. Chira have been developing plans to help FACES’ campaigns and projects have long-term sustainability within the community. Dr. Chira was recently appointed the FACES Director of Training and Education for Peru.

The team has spent some time each day at Belen Hospital.

Dr. Albert has given some consults for past patients who requested private consults. Above, Levi, who received surgery from FACES in January 2012, receives a check-up from Dr. Tom.

We love spending time with our patients and their families whenever we can. Above, Teresa of the Lambayeque Lions Club, Leah and Delia of FACES, and Levi and his family.

We met with representatives from the regional Lambayeque Government in regards to our projects. We are looking forward to being more integrated locally thanks to these partnerships.

From left: Adriana of the Lambayeque Regional Government, along with Dr. Tom Albert and Leah Olson of FACES.

We’ve been conducting a number of planning sessions in regards to current and upcoming projects. Here, we worked with Dr. Chira, our newly appointed Director of Training and Education – Peru, on how to integrate training and telemedicine into Belen Hospital.

Leah has been working with Jose Castaneda Acuna, technology specialist at Belen Hospital, on developing a new website for their health facility.

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