Dr. Tom Albert Receives Sican Award from President

Dr. Tom Albert, President of FACES Foundation, received the prestigious Sican Award for the health and development work that FACES Foundation has done over the past five years in Lambayeque region. A special awards ceremony was hosted by Dr. Humberto Acuña Peralta, the President of Lambayeque for the recipients of this award. Dr. Albert was one of only nine people to receive this recognition from the President. The recipients hailed from all different fields: in addition Dr. Albert from the medical field, awards were given to a top military general, a famous poet laureate, and a proponent of national parks and conservation in the area.

Dr. Albert was thrilled to receive this incredible award and recognition, and wanted to thank the entire FACES team who has helped make his vision into a reality.

This recognition helped to cement the relationship between FACES and the government of Lambayeque. FACES has been working closely with the Lambayeque government to create a strategic plan so that more needy patients will be able to receive the health and medical services of FACES Foundation.


Above: Dr. Tom Albert receives the Sican Award from President Humberto Acuña Peralta.


Above: Kelly Jensen, of the FACES Board of Directors, Dr. Tom Albert, FACES President, and Adriana, President Humberto Acuña Peralta’s Public Relations liaison.


Above: The crowed who gathered to see the awards ceremony. Nine people, including Dr. Tom Albert, received the award in honor of their work and contributions to Lambayeque region.


Above: The FACES Foundation and Lions team – all of whom have been instrumental in making FACES a fixture in the region.

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