Passing the Torch: Lambayeque Lions Travel to Corral de Piedra

During the FACES/Lions December 2012 trip to Peru, one of the main goals was to figure out how to carry on a long-term project with the Lambayeque Lions Club. The club, made up of all women, has been a tremendous help to FACES Foundation over the past years, being an important piece in the surgical trips. After several years, FACES decided to reach out to the Portland-area Lions to see if they wanted to get involved in the project. In typical Lion fashion, they embraced the project with open arms, hopped on board, and traveled to Peru with the group in December.

During the December trip, the Portland Lions worked closely with the Peru group, teaching them how to conduct vision and hearing testing. They learned how to use audiometers and visual acuity equipment in a variety of situations to test indigent patients in the region. Before departing, the two Lions Clubs worked together to formulate a long-term plan: the Peru club would work to create a follow-up plan, for what they would do when they found someone with vision problems, and the Portland Lions would work to apply for a Lions Club International Foundation grant to support the project.

We just received an initial report of how the Lambayeque Lions are doing with their new project. The Portland Lions did a fantastic job training them on how to test, and the torch truly has been passed. Included in the report, we received photos and documents outlining the Peru Lions newest outreach: they travelled to Corral de Piedra, a small village four hours away from Lambayeque, and provided vision screening for any and all who requested it. The Portland Lions left hundreds of pairs of glasses in Peru, from their December trip, and the Peru Lions brought these to the village to outfit those who needed them.

FACES is extremely proud of these efforts and would like to thank the Portland Lions and the Lambayeque Lions for making this health outreach in remote areas possible.

Below is a short note from Teresa Bancallan, who has been the FACES/Lions liaison in Peru.

Dear Lions and Friends in the service:

Greeting you and asking God to have passed a Merry Christmas and New Year.
I send a small report of the activity in the hamlet Cashircas Salas District, in Lambayeque Club Evocative City Leos Clubs Lambayeque area; the activity was attended with delivery of food baskets, toys for children, chocolate, games, cold-weather clothing delivery and development of visual acuity with lenses that were delivered by the Club of Portland, who left these with us to help fulfill our mission to serve.

Some items were distributed to 300 people, adults and children.

I send photographs and list of beneficiaries with the lenses.

The City Club of Lambayeque, “Evocative Llampallec Club,”” and the Leo’s Club, “Evocative City Lambayeque” are grateful for the support you provide and the trust.


Teresa Bancallan Castillo.”

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