President Acuna Joins FACES in the Operating Room

Yesterday the President of Lambayeque region, Humberto Peralta Acuna, spent the morning meeting with FACES leadership and visiting the team at Belen Hospital. President Acuna presented Dr. Tom Albert with the prestigious King of Sican Award in December 2012, and has continued to be highly interested in the health programs of FACES Foundation. Dr. Tom Albert, Kelly Jensen and Leah Olson met the President at his office in Chiclayo and then they took a short tour of the newest regional public hospital. Following the visit, President Acuna and the crew arrived at Belen Hospital, where they dropped in on the FACES team, who were in the midst of their first cleft lip and palate cases of the day.

FACES will meet with President Acuna later in the week to work on finalizing plans for several long-term health and education out reach projects in the area. You can see the experience through President Acuna’s eyes by visiting his Facebook page.



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