Relief Society Donates Handmade Blankets for FACES’ Cleft Patients

FACES Foundation would like to extend the warmest of thank you’s to a wonderful organization, the Relief Society, which so generously volunteered their time to hand-sew blankets for the FACES Foundation cleft patients and their families in northern Peru! We are honored that this group picked FACES to work with on this wonderful project. Waking up after a cleft surgery is scary for our patients – they are in a new place, often without all their family there. To wake up after surgery wrapped in a blanket, handmade with love, will make the experience all the better for them. Thank you to all who were involved in this effort! You can read the account of the project below:  During its surgical campaigns, FACES presents blankets to mothers of small children who receive cleft surgeries.  This tradition began when team member CRNA Brian Ryder and his family enlisted church volunteers to sew blankets that Brian carried to Peru.  Kelly and Pam Jensen are lending another hand to this effort with the support of the Tualatin/Tigard chapter of the Relief Society (the women’s service organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). On a Saturday morning in April, 200 Relief Society members  gathered for a humanitarian conference.  These women came to sew, craft, and assemble items for donation to local non-profit organizations. The Jensens enlisted one team of volunteers to complete a project for the FACES Foundation.  This team consisted of several women who have ties to Latin American countries including Peru, Chile, El Salvador, and Mexico.  Several of the volunteers are long-time supporters of FACES, including Miriam Hunter and Pam Jensen.  Miriam, whose family is from Lima, Peru, was eager to contribute her talents to this project for FACES. By the end of the conference, hundreds of items had been completed and were ready for delivery to local hospitals, shelters, schools, and various other charitable organizations.  The blankets for the FACES patients will be delivered in January 2014 when the FACES surgical team returns to Lambayeque.

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