The young members of the Lions Club are called Leos, and there are several of these young Peruvians in particular who have embraced the service culture of their Lions Club and become wonderful colleagues of the FACES Foundation. They are the future leaders of their communities, and they are leading through service.

dinner for patients

Feeding the patients who must stay at the hospital over night.



Leos with Portland Lions

Front and center: Olga, Gaby and Tathiana


Over the years, we have appreciated the enthusiasm and compassion demonstrated by the Lions Club members, including the Leos. On our most recent trip to Peru, Olga introduced us to a former professor, Dr. Robles. He currently treats patients with clefts & other facial anomalies at Mercedes Hospital in Chiclayo. He will be a great resource to many of our shared patients.

patients with Gaby

Gaby connected us with patients all the way from Cajamarca


in the hospital

Leos serving as interpreters and patient representatives during the surgical campaign


Thank you for your generous service!



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