2017 Patient Screenings

“We feel incredibly fortunate to collaborate with such wonderful individuals. Our reach continues to expand to new populations, and we are convinced of the community’s dedication to children born with clefts.” *

In the second week of November 2017, a small team from the FACES Foundation traveled to Lambayeque to make preparations with the local medical leadership for the 2018 Surgical Campaign. The patient evaluations were carried out at Belén Hospital, which allowed the FACES surgeons to follow up with patients from previous years and identify new patients who will receive their first surgeries in January 2018.


Dr. Dana Smith conducting patient evaluations


IMG_2508New this year were two volunteers, Nathalie Croft and Carey Jernigan, who came as interpreters / patient advocates.  They took the time to learn about the families’ understanding of their child’s diagnosis, their experience with local medical care, and their expectations surrounding recovery. The interviews will be shared in the next several weeks, after being transcribed into English.



The FACES team extended their stay this year to travel to a very remote region of Peru, to a place called San Ignacio.  This trip was in response to the invitation of Dr. Jaime Sánchez, a local physician who, we learned, has sent more than 20 patients to previous campaigns. Through radio and television advertising arranged by Dr. Sánchez, 25 patients with clefts were identified and evaluated at the San Ignacio Health Center, and many of them will undergo surgery in January 2018.

In addition to conducting patient evaluations, the FACES Team renewed collaborations with staff at Hospitals Regional and Belen, met with the dean of the Medical Board of Lambayeque, and presented at the Region’s Ministry of Health Department.

*Written by Angela Jensen, Program Director