2019 Surgical Campaign Review

Early this year, the FACES Surgical Team and the Medical Professionals of Hospitals Belén and Regional treated 53 patients at no cost to their families.

This was our 11th Surgical Campaign in Lambayeque, and our largest yet! Our network of patients and medical colleagues continues to expand. We are humbled by the efforts of everyone involved.

Half of the patients who received surgeries this year were patients we’ve treated the past. As the children grow, they are prepared to receive other necessary surgeries to help them recover from their initial cleft, such as a palate repair, a nose revision, or an alveolar bone graft. This is one of the many reasons we return to the same city each year.

We are especially grateful for the generosity of our host hospitals, Hospital Belen and Hospital Regional, and the Lions Club Ciudad Evocadora. Their support and collaboration are essential to the success of the cleft campaigns.

Host Hospitals

Number of Patients treated at Hospital Belén: 35

Number of Patients treated at Hospital Regional: 18


Ages 2 and younger –> 20 patients

Between ages 3-12 –> 22 patients

Between ages 13-17 –> 6 patients

Ages 18 and older –> 5 patients


Cleft lip repair 8
Cleft palate repair 17
Palate Revisions 4
Rhinoplasty / Nose Revision 5
Pharyngeal Flap 4
Alveolar Bone Graft 5
Sphincter pharyngoplasty 4
Furlow Palatoplasty 5
Other 5

Speech Therapy

Hannah Sanford Keller and Ashley Northam conduct a speech therapy session with a patient and his mother.

Hannah Sanford Keller and Ashley Northam, Speech Language Pathologists from Portland, met with over 60 patients and their families to teach them important speech exercises. Speech Therapy is particularly important for patients who have cleft palates that are repaired later in their childhood.

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