FACES Surgical Campaign 2023 to Lambayeque

A surgical trip that touched so many lives!

The 2023 FACES Surgical Team of 37 health professionals conducted its 14th campaign in Peru during the week of February 4 –11, 2023. This was the first full campaign to Hospital Belen since the pandemic grounded us, and a strong return that confirms our commitment to the families and our partners in Northern Peru!

Other highlights from this campaign included:

– A return to Hospital Belen in Lambayeque, with outstanding support from leadership and staff.

– Surgeries for 10 first-time cleft patients sponsored by the community of Tabaconas, Cajamarca and organized by its social services director for disabilities.

– Participation by Dr. Ernesto Robles, leader of orthodontics department of Hospital Las Mercedes, who collaborated with FACES at multiple stages of patient treatment.

– A visit to the hospital in Chota, Cajamarca to explore the potential for a cleft campaign there.

– Confirmation that the collaboration between Hospital Belen, the Lions Clubs, and FACES Foundation has become a recognized referral program for clefts throughout the region.

The FACES team also felt the lingering impacts of the pandemic on health care resources, both in the U.S. and in Peru. We needed to be creative, flexible, and patient with the ever-changing situation before and during the campaign.


The 2023 Team rose to the occasion to not only carry out a successful surgical campaign, but to do so with professionalism, with deep dedication, and with love.

2023 Surgical Team