Surgical Instruments Appeal

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Recently, we received a challenge grant from a generous surgeon for acquiring much needed new surgical instruments, which will allow us to perform a wider variety and larger number of surgeries.

The total cost, after manufacturer discounts for charitable use, is $15,000.  The donor has pledged to match your donations, dollar for dollar!

Please help FACES take advantage of these goodwill gestures by responding to this appeal.


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Donations will be matched until December 31, 2017

FACES meets with Spinners

Last Month, FACES Nurses met with the NwRSA, the Northwest Regional Spinners Association.

Morgan Luke and Tracey Gunderson, two recovery room nurses who are long-time FACES volunteers, visited with the talented and thoughtful women of the NwRSA.

Our nurses learned all about fibers and spinning yarn. Then they shared the story of FACES, telling them of the patients in Peru and the use of blankets during surgical recovery.


Impressed by the impact of the work, the spinners of the NwRSA are planning to make and donate blankets, hats and maybe even some sweaters for the patients of the next surgical campaign. We are delighted at their enthusiasm and feel lucky to have connected with this group.


Get Involved

Position: US Organizational Coordinator

Position Description

FACES is seeking a US Organizational Coordinator to implement fundraising efforts, administrative tasks and volunteer coordination. This is a position in a small non-profit organization that continues to develop and progress. The job position will evolve with the new hire and there may be opportunities for growth. A successful candidate will be flexible, self-managing, and passionate.

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Lifelong Friend

Dr. Tom, Lisi, Tammy and Kelly at the beginning of surgery week.

Lizbeth or “Lisi,” is like many young adults: She’s moved from her small town to study at the university, has a part-time job, and loves to take selfies! She’s smart, social, and self-confident.


lisiShe’s also a former FACES patient.


During the most recent surgical campaign, Lisi traveled 12 hours by bus to meet the FACES team members at the hospital in Lambayeque. And she didn’t come for another surgery: she came to say, “Thank you.”

“Gracias por tanto al DR.TOM y todo su equipo quirurgico. Uds hacen que nuestra vida sea mejor y que la sociedad nos acepte. Jamas dejen de venir; su ayuda es fundamental para seguir mejorando la vida social de todos los labioleporinos .”

English Translation: “Thank you to Dr. Tom and the Surgical Team for everything. You make our lives better and society now accepts us. Never stop coming. Your help is fundamental in improving the social life of everyone born with clefts.”

Lisi, with her brothers, at home in Eastern Peru

She continues to reach out to FACES team members throughout the year, having formed friendships with her surgeons and nurses. Below is a birthday greeting to Dr. Tom Albert, President of FACES. A part from studying accounting, she continues to practice her English.



What a Team!

The 2017 Surgical Campaign was a marvelous success!

The patients are recovering beautifully, and the team members have finally been able to catch up on sleep!

This global effort was made possible by countless individuals: In North America, FACES recognizes and thanks all of the medical volunteers and their families, the year-round donors, and the administrative team that supports this mission. The Surgical Team was able to provide life-changing surgeries for 49 patients, who otherwise would never have access to surgical care.

FACES also expresses gratitude to the individuals in Peru who support the mission: The Social Services department meticulously registered and coordinated the pre-operative care for each patient. The Pharmacy Staff stocked the necessary medications for both during and after the surgery. And, as in years past, the local Lions Clubs brought food for the patients, their families, and the surgical team.  The surgeries would never happen without the support from the South American colleagues.


Click Here to view the photo highlights from the campaign.

Here we come!

Our 2017 Surgical Campaign to Lambayeque, Peru is right around the corner. Click here to meet the team!



2016 Screening Trip: 70 patients evaluated

Once again, the FACES Team returns home from Peru happy and humbled.

On November 13th, members of the FACES leadership team, in collaboration with local partners, conducted patient evaluations in preparation for the 7th  Cleft Surgical Campaign in Lambayeque, Peru.


The patient screening enjoyed wonderful support from Hospital Belen and the Lions Clubs. FACES Surgeons Dr. Tom Albert and Dr. Dana Smith screened nearly 70 patients born with clefts, many of whom were returning patients following up for continued care and evaluation.



The surgeries will take place in January, at Hospital Belen in Lambayeque and Hospital Regional in Chiclayo. The FACES team will work with the staff of both hospitals to provide surgeries for about 50 patients.

The November trip is a wonderful opportunity to meet with local leadership and coordinate public health efforts. Dr. Robles of Hospital Mercedes, who specializes in restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and related surgery, continues to collaborate with us for pre and post-patient care. Dr. Moises Rosario, director of Hospital Belen, and Dr. Enrique Altamirano, director of Hospital Regional, are preparing their OR equipment and staff to accommodate the influx of patients during the campaign. They are an indispensable component in preparing the cleft patients for surgery.


Part of the trip, when possible, is dedicated to reaching the patients in the most remote areas of the country; patients who are unaware of the screening campaigns. The FACES team traveled to Inkawasi this year, assisting the Lions Club in a vision campaign and reviewing a few babies with clefts.