The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives all over the world and Peru is no exception. Peru suffers from one of the highest number of coronavirus infections and deaths in the region, while dealing with the consequences of strict quarantine rules.

Many are without work and access to medical care is extremely limited. As of late 2020, the situation has not improved significantly.

Photo courtesy: La Industria de Chiclayo 2020

The FACES Foundation has always been committed to developing strong partnerships with the local community. The team has returned to Lambayeque, Peru twice a year for the last 12 years.

Through the FACES Patient Coordinator in Peru, Delia Delgado, the surgical team has maintained contact with patients and families. Once it is safe to travel, the team will return to Peru and continue caring for children with cleft deformities.

Thanks to the support of many generous donors during the Spring Raffle, the FACES Foundation raised over $10,000 to aid the Lambayeque community during this incredibly challenging time.

The grantees include:

Colegio Médico del Perú  (Peruvian Medical College)

Resiste Lambayeque (Lambayeque Resists

El Cantaro Rest. Turístico (Tourist Restaurant El Cantaro)

Café Feminino 

Club de Leones, Lambayeque  (Lions Club)

FACES will continue to collaborate with local partners and support nutritional and medical relief efforts. Your donations will be used to aid those most in need. Thank you for your continued involvement.