Follow-up Care

One of our defining characteristics as an organization is our dedication to follow-up care. 

We have been returning to Lambayeque for nearly a decade so we can address the needs of our patients throughout their childhood and adolescence. 

Huaman Montalvo Family, throughout the years

We are not the only ones caring for these families. Every FACES patient gets registered into the records of the local medical community in Lambayeque. We are constantly working to strengthen our network of physicians, dentists, speech therapists, and social workers to follow these patients throughout the year. 

Peña Córdoba Family

In 2015, the family returned and brought their niece, Normalida, who had a very profound cleft lip and palate. She was 12 years old at the time.
And the rest is history: FACES’ surgeons repaired her lip in 2015, her palate in 2016, and began speech therapy in 2017. 

Manayay Family, from Quechua-speaking village Inca Huasi