Our Partners

We pride ourselves on having some of the best partnerships both locally in the Pacific Northwest, and internationally in South America. The people and  organizations we’ve partnered with are passionate about their work and we’re so grateful to get to work with and learn from these groups.

Program Partners:

The following list of organizations are Program Partners, meaning FACES Foundation has completed, or is currently working on, health and outreach programs together in Peru.

Cafe Femenino – The Cafe Femenino Coffee Project is a social program for women coffee-producers in rural communities all around the world. They work in Bolivia, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Rwanda to empower women and build social support systems that improve the economy and health of the coffee communities. Cafe Femenino pays women coffee producers a premium for their coffee, which gives them more economic power in their families and communities. The results of the project have been incredible: when women gain more financial control over their families, the health of their children, relatives and communities improves. The Café Femenino Coffee is imported exclusively by Organic Products Trading Company and distributed by more than 80 roasters around the world.

Cafe Femenino is based in Vancouver, WA, near FACES in Portland, OR. We’ve built a strong partnership with them and the FACES medical professionals now conduct ‘Health Promoter Trainings’ for the women in the coffee-producing villages in Peru. Thanks to the inroads we’ve gained in the coffee villages, many of our cleft lip and palate patients now come to see us from these remote locales.

Lambayeque Ciudad Evocadora (Lambayeque Lions Club)  – The core of the FACES mission is based on local sustainability. Simply going on surgical trips and returning home with no lasting connection is not our goal. This is why local, in-country partnerships are essential to what we do. The Lambayeque Lions Club has been instrumental in making our surgical trips and follow-up missions a success. The Lambayeque Lions Club helps find, feed and care for FACES patients during mission trips. Their support makes it possible for the FACES team to continue to come back to Peru with great success.

Belen Hospital – Belen Hospital, in Lambayeque, Peru, is a regional hospital run by the government of Lambayeque. It is a public hospital where the FACES team works from during surgical trip to northern Peru. We’ve partnered with Belen Hospital for three years and will continue working together for the long term. During surgical trips Belen Hospital offers two of their three operating rooms to the FACES team. The FACES physicians and nurses also works with Belen Hospital staff and medical students for health training.

Green Empowerment – Green Empowerment, based in Portland, OR, provides renewable energy solutions and water systems to alleviate poverty and improve the environment. Although FACES is a medical group, we recognize that the health of the people and the environment is inextricably connected. This is why we’ve partnered with Green Empowerment, who also works in Peru, to accomplish some great things. In 2011 Green Empowerment, Cafe Femenino and FACES received a grant to install a Clean Water Project in the Peruvian village of San Antonio.

Financial Partners:

Qualcomm – Qualcomm is a world-leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies. FACES has partnered with Qualcomm on their Wireless Reach program, which works work organizations that use technology in innovative ways to help underserved communities globally. The FACES-Qualcomm partnership has helped the FACES team build their speech therapy program using 3G technologies. Read more about the Qualcomm Wireless Reach Program.

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 12.27.12 PM The Integra Foundation – The Integra Foundation, based in New Jersey, is a philanthropic foundation established in 2002 and backed by Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation, which is a leader in research, manufacturing and the marketing of devices used in neuro-trauma, neurosurgery, reconstructive surgery and general surgery. The Integra Foundation works to advance innovative medical and healthcare research and education initiatives, which improve the outcome and quality of life for patients and their communities. The Integra Foundation is a financial sponsor of the FACES Foundation medical and surgical programs in Peru.

LCIFLions Club International Foundation – FACES Foundation works closely with a number of Lions Clubs both in Portland, OR, and Lambayeque, Peru, and its surrounding areas. LCIF is a financial sponsor of the FACES/Lions sight and hearing outreach initiatives in northern Peru. The initiatives are education and training based, so that local Peru Lions may carry on the mission of sight and hearing screening in their local community.