Outside Perspectives: Doris

A Letter from Doris Platt, owner of Portland’s Andina Restaurant.

Doris and her husband John joined FACES during the 2018 patient screenings in Lambayeque, Peru. 

“Dear Doctor Albert: 

For John and for me it was an honor and a joy to witness the care that you and your whole staff from Oregon and Lambayeque had for the children with clefts and for their families! 

… In the name of my country, the children with clefts, and their families, we give our heartfelt thanks to you, Dr. Albert, to Dr. Dana Smith, and to your supportive volunteers who donate their skills and time to bring beautiful smiles to many children of the north of Peru!  We also want to give our big thanks to the volunteers of the Lions Club of Portland, who came together with the Lions Club of Lambayeque… who complemented your actions, offering glasses for a “better sight” to members of your patients  family! 

…And, last but not least, our deep thanks to our Andina guests that attend the FACES Fundraiser and donate enough money to make possible to happen the small miracle we saw in the face of every child who came to the Belen Hospital to be evaluated! Our trip to Lambayeque for John and me will be unforgettable!

John and Doris Platt”  

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