Outside Perspectives: Pam

A Letter from Pamela Jensen, ESL Teacher and long-time FACES Supporter

Pam teaches ESL at McKinley Elementary School in Beaverton, Oregon. This was her first visit to Peru, though she has heard many details of the campaigns from her family members who participate each year. 

“After years of hearing the stories of Evaluation Day, I was delighted to participate as an on-site volunteer.  The families gathered in the courtyard of the hospital complex in Lambayeque, anxious and excited for the opportunity to be seen by the surgeons from America.  It was touching to see such a concentration of little children with visible clefts, and wonderful to imagine how their lives would change with the surgeries in January.

One of the highlights for me was to work with the newly enabled cloud-based electronic medical record system, which gave FACES doctors ready access to precise information on their returning patients.”

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