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2014 Surgical Trip

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This year the FACES team made a huge leap – it operated out of two hospital including the state-of-the-art Hospital Regionale. Most surgeries were still completed at Belen Hospital in Lambayeque.

Operating out of Hospital Regionale represents a major step for FACES, which hopes to eventually record and see all children born with cleft in the region!

Faces has been serving in peru since 2001!

Remembering all our friends, allies, and patients.

We are family!!!!

2013 Surgical Trip


2013 was an amazing year for the FACES team! Again the surgical team worked closely with the Lambayeque Lions Club to organize the surgical days, work with patients and their families and ensure smooth transitions in the operating rooms. The team saw many families who came into Lambayeque from remote northern Peruvian villages.

December 2012 Lions Sight and Hearing Training 


Portland-area Lions Club members Dennis Tichenor, Merry Meek and Warren Heathman gathered with women from the Ciudad Evocadora Lambayeque Lions Club in Peru. The Portland Lions Club members trained the Peru Lions on how to properly screen people for sight and hearing problems.

They learned how to screen for hearing problems, vision problems, and how to fit people with the correct glasses.

2012 Cleft Screening Clinics


Dr. Albert and the FACES team screened almost 70 patients, many of whom had a cleft lip or palate. About half of those screened will receive surgery during the January 2013 surgical trip. This year was the first time that FACES conducted the screening clinics at Belen Hospital.

Trip to Corral de Piedra


FACES , the Lions Club and Cafe Femenino Foundation visited the traditional Quechua village Corral de Piedra in December 2012 . A four-hour drive from Lambayeque, in the mountains of northern Peru, this a coffee-producing village receives economic and social assistance from Cafe Femenino Foundation.

2012 Trip to Peru

FACES + Cafe Femenino Trip to Agua Azul — Clean Water Project, San Antonio

David Lawrence Community Service Awards

Six members of the FACES Foundation team traveled to Kaiser’s national headquarters in Oakland, CA, to recieve a prestigious David Lawrence Community Service Award.

Dr. Thomas Albert, Tammy Berks, Dr. Christina Ruybalid, Dr. Jacob Reiss and Dr. Dana Smith accepted the award on behalf of the whole FACES team.