Patient Progress

Jori practices speech

The FACES surgeons first met Jori when she came for evaluations in November of 2018. She met with our speech therapists in January of 2019, and then just this year, had her first surgery to repair a cleft palate. She is six years old.

You can see her video greeting here.

Pequeño Jhon is doing great!

“Thank you for calling us, we are all well, the family is well and our son Jhon is growing up. Our neighbors were so surprised and happy when we brought him home after the hospital. I hope the doctors can come back to Lambayeque when it is safe again…
We always thank God and FACES for his operation.” — (Jhon’s father)

Christopher at home

Christopher was born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate. Last year, FACES Surgeons repaired his lip, and this year, his palate. His Dad wrote, “Please tell the doctors thanks for their help. I want to ask, Are the doctors going to come back? I would like to see them. We need help. I am sure there are more children who need help. If not, who can help our children? Do you think after the pandemic there will be any therapy for our children? I understand this may take so long.”

Christopher after his lip surgery in 2019

Yanitza: the center of her family’s world

Yanitza was a new patient in January. Her family brought her, seeking a cure for her cleft lip. After three hours in the Operating Room, the FACES team reunited Yanitza with her mother.

Two months later, her mother wrote, “My baby is good, she did not have any problem with the operation. She is healthy I think, the weather is changing and she gets a little sick but she recovers very fast. As you know we live in Mochumi, in the farming areas. She is getting bigger!”

Jesus, the farthest traveler!

His mother, Tatiana, learned about the FACES campaign through Cafe Femenino, a nonprofit organization that trains women in rural villages to grow coffee. Hopeful to be included in the surgical schedule, she traveled 12 hours by bus to meet the team and request a corrective operation for her son, Jesus. She had previously taken him to a different campaign, but the surgical site reopened. Just this month, she sent us photos of her happy, healthy son in their rural village of San Antonio.

“He was beautiful before, but now he is even more beautiful.”