Military Lockdown

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra declared a state of emergency on March 15, 2020. Every province of Peru has been on strict lockdown, and the quarantine will be in effect at least until June 30th.

Delia, FACES Patient Coordinator in Peru

“Believe me, the situation in Peru is very difficult. All transportation is shut down, and that is hard because so many of us do not have personal cars. We are allowed to leave the house between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, only for bank, pharmacy, and market. Many people are without work. Police and military are everywhere to make sure you have a reason to be out of your house.  I wish I could walk around my neighborhood, walk around the block. I cannot. We have lost our freedom.”

Citizens form a line outside a supermarket, courtesy of Lambayeque news source:

Men and Women have separate days for leaving the house in efforts to control crowds.

Water shortages around the country further complicate health and sanitation.

Good article from CNN about conditions in Peru

Quotes from Patient’s Parents

“The main problem we have is that we are not working, we want to work. We need to eat. We have to find the way to get something for the table. I am a farmer and now everything is stopped. It is very worrying , we need money. We have nothing to continue surviving. I want to work but there is nothing.”

“We all the family are Ok, only the virus. We are scared, we don’t know when this will finish. The situation is hard for us. Sometimes we do not have the food but we always try to get something and share it and make it feed everyone in the family. We just have to obey the president but it is very difficult, we need to work.”

 “I used to work cleaning farming ditches for watering in Huarmey, which is near Lima . But when all this started I had to come back. My wife is very scared that something can happen to me being far away. But the problem here is that I can not work, it is worrying because we need food and we are running out of money. Here in the farm we try to eat whatever to pass the days. My wife doesn’t want me to travel But I need to work for my family.” 

“We live in the countryside and luckily in this area there are no problems with the virus. We can eat whatever, here in the farm there is always something we can eat, it is not like in Chiclayo. Tell the doctors we are safe, in our community we have not heard about cases with the virus.

 The only one problem we have is with the cell signal. The signal is interrupted all the time.”

“Here in this  area nothing happens, there is no work around here. We are locked in our houses because the situation in Lambayeque and Chiclayo is getting worse, we hear a lot about infected people.

In this area my whole family is near us. We help each other. At least we can eat sweet potatoes every day. Sweet potatoes always grow in this area. We are farmers and now everything has been stopped. We have to earn a little money daily to be able to eat. We don’t go out because we have to take care of our children, we have to obey the president Vizacrra. It is scary when we hear the news and we have to protect our children.”

“My older son is 25 and he works at the Metro supermarket and he got Covid. The hospitals have so many problems, so I keep him home, he is isolated.aand wen a take care of himShe said with all the problems at the hospital she has her son at home isolated in a room and they are taking care of him. She kept crying and crying and seriously it also broke my heart to see how parents suffer a lot for their children. She said she believes in God and she said all her family is praying for her so