FACES Foundation is based in Portland, OR, and works internationally in South America. In the past, FACES has worked in various locations in Central and South America, but now the team works almost exclusively in Peru. Why just in Peru? Because rather than focusing on going on surgical trips all around the world, the FACES’ aim is to create an easily replicable model for locally sustainable surgery and speech therapy for indigent cleft lip and palate patients. We are dedicated to follow-up care after the cleft lip and palate surgery is complete, which is why we continue to go back and treat patients in Peru.

Because we are focusing on a telemedical model, we continue to return to Peru to build this into the best system there can be for treating hard-to-reach patients. In our 11 years of operation, we’ve made especially good connections and local partners in Peru, which has allowed us to develop our program to the fullest. Our connection to the Lambayeque Lions Club has been instrumental in helping us find cleft lip and palate patients in remote Peruvian villages. Our partnership with Belen Hospital in Lambayeque is another reason we keep going back to Peru. We perform the surgeries in Belen Hospital on our surgical trips and the hospital staff has been incredibly accommodating to our patients and their families during the recovery period.

Within Peru, we work mostly in the northern region. Belen Hospital, where we work during surgical trips, is located in Lambayeque, a small town outside of the larger northern city of Chiclayo. Thanks to our partnership with Cafe Femenino, a women’s coffee importer, we also work in many remote villages further north in the Amazonas Region. We look forward to expanding our network within Peru and eventually to new countries around the world.