Enjoy some of the photo memories from our past campaigns to northern Peru

2020 Surgical Trip Photos

January 2020, an incredible campaign! Take a look at the photo memories that commemorate our 12th year in Lambayeque, Peru. A special thank you to Paul Foster, our trip photographer.

2019 Surgical Trip Photos

 Our 11th year in Lambayeque! Patients and team members alike returned home tired and happy. So many volunteers come together to make these campaigns possible. Thank you for supporting the surgeries that change their lives forever!


2018 Surgical Trip Photos

Team, Tammy, Juanita and Morgan

This was a banner year for the FACES Foundation. The team of 38 surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, speech therapists, interpreters and photographers started as strangers and quickly came together as colleagues and friends.

This campaign ran smoothly, the patients were well cared for, and the medical community embraced us as their peers.

2017 Surgical Trip Photos


Another successful year! Take a look at the highlights… you’ll see our incredible medical team, the supportive Lions club members, the dedicated Hospital Staff at Hospital Belen and Hospital Regional of Lambayeque, and our beautiful patients and their families.

A special thank you to Kris Luke and Paul Foster for the photography.


2016 Surgical Trip Photos



Each year we come to Peru, we feel like we are coming home. Our Latin American colleagues and patients are becoming are friends and family. We are grateful for their hospitality and commitment to their own children.

FACES took a team of 32 people this year, and conducted surgeries for 54 patients.


2015 Surgical Trip



2 hospitals, 6 days, 28 team members, 47 cleft surgeries! Take a look at the photo highlights from our most successful trip yet! The collaborations of Peruvian staff from Hospital Belen and Hospital Regional made it possible to treat so many patients. And an enormous thank you to all of our North American volunteers!